animated series Felix the Cat © Trans Lux / Felix the Cat Productions
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Felix the Cat

The original animated star, and perhaps the most enduring, this is one of Felix's many incarnations; this time a TV series which first aired around 1960. Bearing little relation in many respects to the original 1920's Felix, the cast here consists of mostly new characters, including Felix's nemesis, The Professor, and his genius nephew Poindexter, Rock Bottom, Felix's pal - an eskimo named Vavoom who can start an avalanche by shouting his name - and the oddly familiar villain, The Master Cylinder. Felix retains some of the impossible attributes of his original incarnation, re-invented here in the form of his magical 'bag of tricks', which The Professor is constantly trying to steal, and which of course Felix 'reaches into' 'whenever he gets in a fix'.

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This series re-aired during the mid-to-late eighties in the UK and I canít say I really enjoyed watching it. Looking back at it now, with the early shorts of the...
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A divisive series if ever there was one. People seem to fall into two camps over this very late 50's Felix TV series. Those who can either remember, or who...
Created by: Trans Lux, Felix the Cat Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jack Mercer ... Felix, The Professor, Rock Bottom, Poindexter, The Master Cylinder, Vavoom
Produced by: Joseph Oriolo
Based on: Character created by Pat Sullivan and/or Otto Messmer
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