animated cartoon Feline Follies © Pat Sullivan studio
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Feline Follies

Master Tom hears a distant meow and following it meets with Miss Kitty White; the two arrange to have a date at the Back Fence, to a cat the most romantic part of town. Meanwhile, in the catís absence, the mice party, wrecking the home of Tomís owners.

Created by: Pat Sullivan studio
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Otto Messmer
Produced by: Pat Sullivan

animated cartoon Feline Follies © Pat Sullivan studioThe first of Felix the Catís theatrical shorts, although here he is named Master Tom and looks different from the cat he would ultimately become.

Like many classic era characters, the origins of Felixís creation and his creator are disputed. The common consensus is that he was created by animator and comic writer Otto Messmer; however others believe his creator to be that of his producer, the Australian-born cartoonist Pat Sullivan. Whatever the case of his origins, Felix still proves to be a well known, popular and iconic character over ninety years after his theatrical debut.

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