animated series Fantastic Four © Marvel / TMS / Genesis Entertainment
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Fantastic Four

Four astronauts -- Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and pilot Ben Grimm -- take a flight in a prototype spacecraft and are bombarded by massive amounts of cosmic radiation. Managing to get their damaged craft back to Earth, the four quickly discover that they have gained superhuman powers. They group decides to form the Fantastic Four and use their powers to protect mankind from sinister forces.

Created by: Marvel, TMS, Genesis Entertainment
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: The Marvel Action Hour: The Fantastic Four (USA)
Featuring the voices of:
Beau Weaver ... Mr. Fantastic / Reed Richards
Lori Alan ... Invisible Woman / Sue Storm
Chuck McCann ... The Thing / Benjamin J. Grimm
Brian Austin Green ... The Human Torch / Johnny Storm (1994-1995)
Quinton Flynn ... The Human Torch / Johnny Storm (1995-1996)
Featuring guest appearances by:
Kathy Ireland ... Crystal
Tony Jay ... Galactus
Clyde Kusatsu ... Karnak
Iona Morris ... Medusa
Neil Ross ... Puppet Master
Simon Templeton ... Dr. Doom
John Vernon ... Dr. Doom
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