animated movie Fantasia © Disney
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What began as a conversation between Walt Disney and conductor, Leopold Stokowski, became one of the most experimental pieces of animation of its time. Drawing inspiration from nine pieces of striking classical music, animators created a film with everything from dancing hippos and mushrooms, to frolicking centaurs and faeries and finally one mischievous mouse trying out a little magic--all of which is accompanied only by music.

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So the character that pretty much made your company and that you just so happen to be the voice actor for has had his thunder somewhat stolen from him by...
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I remember first hearing about this movie on one my many disney vhs tapes through a trailer. Now like most trailers it lied as it made a 6 year old...
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Note: this review is based on the censored version of the movie that started circulating in the late '60s. You know, Iím sure that when audiences went to see this movie...
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Kind of a chore to sit through. The animation and visual quality of the film are top notch. The live action bits are ...well informative. Its...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Leopold Stokowski ... Himself
Deems Taylor ... Himself
Julietta Novis ... Soloist in "Ave Maria"
Walt Disney ... Mickey Mouse
Directed by: Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen, James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe, Norman Ferguson, Jim Handley, T. Hee, Bill Roberts and Albert Heath
Produced by: Walt Disney
Writing Credits: Bill Peet, Erdman Penner, Joe Grant, Dick Huemer, Carl Fallberg, Vernon Stallings, Otto Englander, Webb Smith, Lee Blair, Elmer Plummer, Phil Dike, Sylvia Moberly-Holland, Norman Wright, Bianca Majolie, Graham Heid, Perce Pearce, William Martin, Leo Thiele, Robert Sterner, John McLeish, Joseph Sabo, Campbell Grant and Arthur Heinemann
Supervising / Directing Animators: Ollie Johnston

animated movie Fantasia © DisneyWhen it was released in 1940, Fantasia was considered a box-office bust--"Disney's great folly"--but since then it has found a new life and fans in its re-releases.

Also, under the 'we kid you not' trivia classification, Fantasia was edited for racist imagery before its VHS/DVD release. These Nubian centaurettes that polished the hooves of the beautiful (ahem... white) centaurettes have been removed and all but forgotten in the decades since its initial release.

Musical Score by:
∑ Johann Sebastian Bach ..... Toccata and Fugue
∑ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ..... excerpts from the "Nutcracker Suite"
∑ Paul Dukas ..... The Sorcerer's Apprentice
∑ Igor Stravinsky ..... Rite of Spring
∑ Ludwig Van Beethoven ..... Symphony No. 6 (Pastoral) op. 68
∑ Amilcare Ponchielli ..... Dance of the Hours
∑ Modest Mussorgsky ..... Night on Bald Mountain
∑ Franz Schubert ..... "Ave Maria" op. 52, no. 6

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