animated series Evil Con Carne © Cartoon Network
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Evil Con Carne

Hector Con Carne wishes to take over the world, it is unfortunate for him then that he is now just a brain and stomach in a jar; a jar that been place on the head of Boscoe, a loyal if somewhat dimwitted bear. Still despite this problematic circumstance, Con Carne is still quite determined to carry out his plans for world domination.

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Much like the show it was originally tacked onto, Evil Con Carne is a bizarre little cartoon. It centers around a brain (of a criminal named Hector Con Carne)...
Created by: Cartoon Network
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Grim & Evil
Featuring the voices of:
Phil LaMarr ... Hector Con Carne
Grey DeLisle ... Major Dr. Ghastly
Armin Shimerman ... General Skarr
Frank Welker ... Boskov
Maxwell Atoms ... Cod Commando
Directed by: Julie Hashiguchi, Phil Cummings and Robert Hughes
Executive Producers: Brian A. Miller and Maxwell Atoms
profile by: starlac