animated series Dungeons & Dragons © Marvel / Toei Animation
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Dungeons & Dragons

After taking a ride on a theme ride a group of six kids find themselves lost in the mystical realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Given magical weapons and clues by the Dungeon Master, the group tries to find a way to return to their world. As they move through, they are pursued by the evil Venger, who plans to use their magic weapons to defeat the Dungeon Master and rule the realm.

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I remember seeing this show when Fox Kids started showing D&D on Saturday mornings. Too bad it didn't last much, but I thought it was a good series. Very Scooby-Doo-esque...
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This is what you get when you take the entire cast of Scooby Doo, put them in a fantasy setting, and make everything--story, characters, and drama--a WHOLE lot better. Shame...
Created by: Marvel, Toei Animation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Willie Aames ... Hank
Don Most ... Eric
Katie Leigh ... Shelia
Adam Rich ... Presto
Peter Cullen ... Venger
Teddy Field III ... Bobby
Tonia Gayle Smith ... Diana
Sidney Miller ... Dungeon Master
Frank Welker ... Uni, Tiamat, Additional Voices
Bob Holt ... Shadow Demon
Directed by: John Gibbs
Produced by: E. Gary Gygax
Executive Producers: Lee Gunther and Margaret Loesch
Writing Credits: Paul Dini, Michael Reaves, Buzz Dixon, Mark Evanier, Steve Gerber, Katherine Lawrence and Jeffery Scott
Based on: The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game.

They are commonly held beliefs that there was a first and a last episode made. In fact neither case is true. Like so many cartoons made in the eighties the premise for the show was explained in the 'talkie' style introduction and so no origin story was needed, allowing the show to easily enter into syndication. In the case of the final episode, series writer Michael Reaves did write the script for one (titled: Requiem), but the show was cancelled before anything was able to be filmed.

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