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Drawn Together

Billed as animation's answer to 'Big Brother', that's essentially what this show is, mixed together with an adult sitcom concept. The household members are all recognisable cartoon stereotypes of one sort or another. Captain Hero is as he sounds: a Superman clone. Foxxy Love is a 70's Blaxploitation chick. Toot is a Betty Boop lookalike who's jealous of all the better looking girls in the house, and who, in Comedy Central's words, is 'an outdated, fat dump'. Ling Ling is a psycopathic Pikachu clone. Spanky is a pig whose usual mode is crass, frat-boy toilet humour. Princess Clara looks, and to an extent behaves like Ariel from 'Little Mermaid'. Wooldoor Sockbat is a sort of generic post-Ren and Stimpy somethingorother.... or is he the Elf from the Roleplaying Game/anime hybrid? Anyway, think the format of Big Brother and you have the basic idea, but with lots of satire, adult humour and gags and references to various animation genres and eras.

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rated it:
This is like 90 percent of Adult Swim's entries. Crass, obnoxious, and obscene. And not all that clever. If you want to see those themes with a better execution, check...
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rated it:
"Drawn Together" isn't a bad show, but it's definetly not for anyone. This is easily one of the most offensive cartoons to date. If you can handle that, you may...
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rated it:
Update 2014: I decided I couldn't even grant this the extra half star for 'concept' Before I go back to the original review I just wanted to address something in...
Created by: Comedy Central
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jess Harnell ... Captain Hero
Tara Strong ... Princess Clara
Adam Carolla ... Spanky Ham
Abbey McBride ... Ling-Ling
Jack Plotnick ... Xandir P Whifflebottom
Cree Summer ... Foxxy Love
Directed by: Peter Avanzino, Frank Marino, Dwayne Carey-Hill, Ray Claffey and James Purdom
Executive Producers: Dave Jeser, Matthew Silverstein and Bill Freiberger
Musical Score by: Eban Schletter
Writing Credits: Reed Agnew, Valerie Ahern, Elijah Aron, Jeffrey Bushell, Reid Harrison, Dave Jeser, Jeff Kahn, Dave Lewman, Joe Liss, Christian McLaughlin, Matthew Silverstein, Erik Sommers and Jordan Young
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