animated series Dragons: Riders of Berk © Dreamworks / Cartoon Network
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Dragons: Riders of Berk

The vikings of Berk had been at war with the dragons in the area for generations until Hiccup came along and showed everyone there was a better way. Now with Hiccup and the other young dragon riders as their guides, the vikings are looking to train even more dragons.

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Created by: Dreamworks, Cartoon Network
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Dragons: Defenders of Berk
Featuring the voices of:
Jay Baruchel ... Hiccup
Chris Edgerly ... Gobber
America Ferrera ... Astrid
Julie Marcus ... Ruffnut
T.J. Miller ... Tuffnut
Christopher Mintz-Plasse ... Fishlegs
Zack Pearlman ... Snotlout
Nolan North ... Stoick
Tim Conway ... Bucket
Stephen Root ... Mildew
Tom Wilson ... Mulch
Mark Hamill ... Alvin the Treacherous
Directed by: John Sanford and Louie del Carmen
Produced by: Art Brown and Douglas Sloan
Executive Producers: Linda Teverbaugh and Michael Teverbaugh
Musical Score by: John Paesano
Based on: the book by Cressida Cowell
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