animated series Downtown © MTV
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The tales of a group of 20-something friends muddling their way through urban existence. Featuring Alex (the shy nerd), Serena (the only-in-his-dreams gothic girl), Jen (Alex's cynical best friend), Chaka (Alex's party-girl sister), Fruity (the stud), Matt (the cool), Mecca (the lovesick) and Goat (the wild-man).

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I too, as the previous reviewers, mourn the lost of this outstanding series which only lasted 13 episodes. I watched them all and I truly felt like MTV was nuts...
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Downtown is one of MTVS best cartoons .The characters are realistic- all flawed in theyre own way and the conversation based humour that they provide (which is often accompanied with...
Created by: MTV
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: MTV's Downtown
Directed by: Tony Kluck
Produced by: David McGrath and Vicky Smith
Executive Producers: Abby Terkuhle
Musical Score by: Kimson Albert
profile by: athena