animated cartoon Der Fuehrer's Face © Disney
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Der Fuehrer's Face

Donald is a German worker drone in World War II: forced to exist on pitiful rations of wooden bread, a single coffee bean and the aroma of ham and eggs. After eating his meager breakfast, he is marched to work at gunpoint to work a long 48 hour day in a munitions factory under watchful, armed supervision, screwing the tops on artillery shells, all the while saluting passing images of his ‘beloved’ leader.

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Awkward, this one, very much so. It’s one of the most iconic of Disney’s wartime shorts to be sure, but that doesn’t facilitate a guaranteed 4; as there are much...
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I've always enjoyed World War II propaganda (from all sides of the war) and this one REALLY annoyed Hitler, or so it's been claimed, so it was a success. Probably the...
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It's curious. Wheareas Warner were pushing the envelope and writing 'for adults' in the late 30's while Disney was being sweet and family-oriented (and of course continued to be so...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Donald Duck in Nutzi Land
Featuring the voices of:
Clarence Nash ... Donald Duck
Directed by: Jack Kinney
Produced by: Walt Disney
Writing Credits: Joe Grant and Dick Huemer
Animated by: Bob Carlson, Les Clark, Andy Engman, Bill Justice, Milt Neil, Charles Nicholas and John Sibley

Won the 1942 Academy award for best Short Subject/Cartoon, beating out competition from Tex Avery's war themed short Blitz Wolf.

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