animated series Cybersix © TMS / NOA / The Ocean Group
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Created by the evil Von Richter, Cybersix is an advanced female genetic construct android. She was marked for destruction by her creator when he discovered her free will and sense of right made her too strong to be of any use to him. Cybersix escaped and must try to discover her humanity in the outside world. By day she is Adrian Seidelman, a male university teacher and friend to fellow co-worker, Lucas Amato. By night she is the mysterious superhero Cybersix, (who ironically Lucas has a crush on), and she dedicates herself into stopping the evil plans of Von Richter and his son, José.

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I loved this show as a kid, it made me sad that it only aired for 2 months then got cancelled. it was a good show, i really wish they...
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The original Cybersix was created by argentinians Carlos Meglia and Carlos Trillo as a comic book for Europe. Which in 1999 would be transformed into an animé thaught mainly for...
Created by: TMS, NOA, The Ocean Group
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: USA / Canada / Japan
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Cathy Weseluck ... Cybersix / Adrian Seidelman
Michael Dobson ... Lucas Amato
Alex Doduk ... José
Terry Klassen ... Von Reichter
Janyse Jaud ... Lori
Andrew Francis ... Julian
Produced by: Herve Bedard, Toshihiko Masuda and Koji Takeuchi
Executive Producers: Shunzo Kato
Based on: the "Cybersix" comics by Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia originally published in Argentina

animated series Cybersix © TMS / NOA / The Ocean GroupAlthough Cybersix aired in both the US and Canada, it was only released to video in Canada (both French and English dubs were released). has an extremely limited listing for the videos which makes me wonder if they're even selling them anymore. If you're looking for the series on DVD, it's only available as a Zone 2 in France.

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