animated series Crusader Rabbit © Jay Ward Productions / Creston Studios / TV Spots / Television Art
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Crusader Rabbit

Produced during 1948-49, 'Crusader Rabbit' was the first ever made for TV cartoon series. It follows the exploits of the diminutive but aggressive and righteous bunny character. Taking his inspiration from the deeds of medieval knights, CS makes it his mission to help the oppressed, wherever they might be. In the first episode he rescues one Ragland T. Tiger from a circus cage, and he becomes his permanent sidekick, 'Rags'.

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Created by: Jay Ward Productions, Creston Studios, TV Spots, Television Art
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Lucille Bliss ... Crusader Rabbit (1949-1951)
GeGe Pearson ... Crusader Rabbit (1957)
Vern Louden ... Ragland T. Tiger
Russ Coughlan ... Dudley Nightshade
Roy Whaley ... Narrator (1957)
Series Created by: Alex Anderson
Directed by: Bob Bemiller and Sam Nicholson
Produced by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson and Shull Bonsall
Executive Producers: Jerry Fairbanks and Ponsonby Britt
Musical Score by: Sheldon Allman, Al Sack and Leith Stevens
Writing Credits: Arthur North, Hal Goodman, Joe Curtin, Lloyd Turner, Barbara Chain, Chris Hayward and Jack Miller
Animated by: Bob Ganon

animated series Crusader Rabbit © Jay Ward Productions / Creston Studios / TV Spots / Television Art'Crusader Rabbit' saw two incarnations. The original black and white series from 1950-51, consisting of 195 episodes, and a colour series from 1957, totalling 260 episodes. The episodes were 5 minutes long, and were meant to be linked together into large story arcs of between 75 and 100 minutes. Altogether there were 23 of these stories, some of which were released as standalone videos. There were 10 in the first series, and 13 in the second.

'Crusader Rabbit' was well ahead of its time, having been produced especially for television in 1948-49. Most of the cartoons shown on TV during the 1950's were re-packagaed collections of shorts originally shown in theatres, and despite the upsurge in made-for-TV animation that came around the time of the formation of Hanna-Barbera in the very late 50's, this practice of showing packages of theatrical shorts persisted with some studios through the 60's and even into the 70's.

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