animated cartoon Cinderella II: Dreams Come True © Disney
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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

After the Fairy Godmother finishes reading the story of Cinderella to her devoted mice friends, the mice decide to give a storybook of their own to Cinderella. They tell the tales of Cinderella's first days in the castle when she was still trying to figure out how to be her own kind of princess, the story of how Jacques thought he'd be more help to Cinderella if he were human, and the story of how Cinderella's step-sister, Anastasia, fell in love for the first time.

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rated it:
I was shocked and surprised by the negative reviews I saw on the web, I thought Cinderella 2 (as well as 3) is a very cute and...
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*sigh* This sequel depressed me. Cinderella 2 takes place after Cinderella becomes a princess (by marriage, of course), and her rodent friends decide to make a book of stories as a...
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how can you have a movie so good and a sequel so horrible? Cinderella is supposed to already know how to be a princess! and the evil stepsisters are supposed...
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I could begin this review by simply declaring that Cinderella 2 is not a particularly good movie but that would be deceptive. The truth is, it doesn't feel like a...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jennifer Hale ... Cinderella
Christopher Daniel Barnes ... Prince
Andre Stojka ... King
Corey Burton ... Gus
Rob Paulsen ... Jacques, Baker, Sir Hugh
Susan Blakeslee ... Stepmother
Russi Taylor ... Fairy Godmother, Mary Mouse, Beatrice, Daphne, Drizella
Tress MacNeille ... Anastasia
Holland Taylor ... Prudence
Frank Welker ... Pom Pom, Lucifer
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