animated movie Cinderella © Disney
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Cinderella's father dies when she is only a little girl and her wicked stepmother and stepsisters force her to become a servant in her own home. As a young woman, Cinderella remains a kind and good-hearted person--despite all that has happened--and dreams of the day when she will find love and happiness once again. That dream looks like it might come true when all the eligible maidens in the kingdom are invited to a royal ball at which it is rumoured that the Prince will pick his future bride. Cinderella would love to attend the ball but it may take a Fairy Godmother and a few adorable mice to get her there.

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I’d never realized just how many of Disney’s early animated films weren’t actually movies. Let me tell you, it’s made me appreciate movies like Cinderella a lot more. ...
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The story of Cinderella is one of my favorites from Charles Perrault, along with Sleeping Beauty which was also made into a Disney film in 1959. I thought this film...
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I remember when I was growing up, loving the mice in this movie. All the other stuff didn't matter only the mice. I just recently rewatched this movie...
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Time to give this poor forgotten movie a little more credit. I have never been a big fan of fairy tale type stories, but Cinderella should continue to inspire girls...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Ilene Woods ... Cinderella
Verna Felton ... Fairy Godmother
James MacDonald ... Gus, Jacques, Bruno
Luis Van Rooten ... King, Grand Duke
Eleanor Audley ... Wicked Stepmother
Rhoda Williams ... Drizella
Lucille Bliss ... Anastasia
William Phipps ... Prince Charming
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Oliver G. Wallace and Paul J. Smith
Supervising / Directing Animators: Milt Kahl
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