animated cartoon Bully for Bugs © Warner Bros.
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Bully for Bugs

Bugs finds himself burrowing into the middle of a bull ring during a fight while trying to locate a carrot convention. He then finds himself being struck after an encounter by the ring's bull. Then he starts his plan of retaliation, donning a matador's outfit, and plenty of wily tricks, he proceeds to outwit and bamboozle the "Gulla-Bull" into submission.

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Not one of the better shorts I've seen although I'll admit it has some clever moments and I like this short a bit better than, say, Big House Bunny. The...
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“There’s nothing funny about bullfights.” This single negative statement from then Producer Edward Selzer enticed Jones and Maltese to go on a research trip to Mexico to see what all...
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I just thought I'd have a peak at imdb before I wrote this. I don't normally do that, but I was just curious for some reason. The featured (10 star)...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Mel Blanc ... Bugs Bunny, The Bull
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Produced by: Edward Selzer
Musical Score by: Carl W. Stalling
Writing Credits: Michael Maltese

The idea for this short came about when the studio's producer suddenly told Chuck Jones not to make any bullfight cartoons because there was "...nothing funny" about them. Knowing that they boss was never right about anything humorous, Chuck Jones decided to go ahead and make the short. Originally he intended to take on the short from the bull's point of view, but after seeing the small matador up against the massive bull, he decided against it and made the bull a foil for Bugs.

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