animated series Biker Mice from Mars © New World Family Filmworks / Brentwood
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Biker Mice from Mars

The Biker Mice are Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie. Refugees from Mars, they fought in a rebel group called the Freedom Fighters during a war against the Plutarkians, a race of stinking fish-faced aliens who steal natural resources from other planets and ship them back to their own. The Martians lost the war, and their planet was devastated. Now in Chicago, the mice fight Lawrence Limburger, who is himself a Plutarkian in disguise. -- from the 'From Mars' website

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rated it:
This is one of the worst ripp offs of TMNT that have seen in my life. Don't see it, just stay away from it. But if you are really brave...
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Well, considering I haven't seen this series since i was about 7 years old (10 years ago) it's hard to give a present review. but from my memories, i remember...
Created by: New World Family Filmworks, Brentwood
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Rob Paulsen ... Throttle, Fred the Mutant
Dorian Harewood ... Modo
Ian Ziering ... Vinnie
Leeza Miller McGee ... Charley Davidson
W. Morgan Sheppard ... Lawrence Limburger
Susan Silo ... Dr. Karbunkle
Brad Garrett ... Greasepit
Kath Soucie ... Harley
Featuring guest appearances by:
Charles Adler ... Corroder Cody
Michael Dorn ... Fourby
Mark Hamill ... Number 1
Luke Perry ... Napoleon Brie
Jason Priestly ... "Asphalt" Jack McCyber
Tori Spelling ... Romana Parmesana
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