animated cartoon Ben and Me © Disney
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Ben and Me

While a group of human children learn of the achievements of Benjamin Franklin, above them, on his memorial statue, a group of young mice are being told the real story: that of the mouse behind Benjamin’s inspirational success, Amos. Bright, able and intelligent; Amos leaves his humble church home for the sake of his family and, not too long after meeting Franklin, becomes his assistant, aide and partner.

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This 21 minute short by Disney from 1953 ( a 'three-reeler'?) nearly cops three stars from me. For a couple of reasons it doesn't, and if you want to known...
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I have always loved films (animated and live action) and theatrical shorts based on books. This is one of my favorite literary shorts from my childhood, because I've...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Sterling Holloway ... Amos Mouse/Narrator
Charles Ruggles ... Ben Franklin
Hans Conried ... Tom Jefferson
Bill Thompson ... Governor Keith
Directed by: Hamilton Luske
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Oliver G. Wallace
Based on: The book by Robert Lawson

Was nominated for the Oscar for Best short subject, two-reel; but lost to Walt Disney's "True Life Adventure" live-action short "Bear Country".

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