animated movie Battle for Terra © Snoot Entertainment / MeniThings LLC / Lionsgate
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Battle for Terra

Having exhausted and destroyed the resources of Earth, the last fragments of humanity are on a desperate search for a new home. They believe they have found their salvation on the world of Terra. The humans have the technology to transform the planet so that the atmosphere is breathable, but to do so will destroy all life on that world including that of the peace-loving Terrians. The battle is on, but the ultimate survival of both these races may lie with a human fighter pilot and a rebellious Terrian teenager...

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The lovely and beautifully designed planet Terra is filled with happy tree-dwelling, air-swimming, arts-and-crafts-making aliens. Unfortunately for them, the remaining humans of Earth, having exhausted all their planet's resources...
Created by: Snoot Entertainment, MeniThings LLC, Lionsgate
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Evan Rachel Wood ... Mala
Brian Cox ... General Hemmer
Luke Wilson ... Lt. James Stanton
David Cross ... Giddy
Justin Long ... Senn
Amanda Peet ... Maria
Dennis Quaid ... Roven
Chris Evans ... Stewart Stanton
James Garner ... Doron
Directed by: Aristomenis Tsirbas
Produced by: Keith Calder, Ryan Colucci, Dane Allan Smith and Jessica Wu
Musical Score by: Abel Korzeniowski
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