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Batman Beyond

In a futuristic world, Bruce Wayne is an old man and his company a victim of a hostile takeover by the ruthless Derek Powers. Too frail take take to the streets as Batman, he is forced into seclusion and the streets of Gotham are once again free to be ruled by the criminal element. That is until a high school student, Terry McGinnis, decides that someone needs to act and dons the cape and cowl himself. With Bruce Wayne as his mentor, this new Batman is ready to take down evil one bad guy at a time.

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rated it:
I've had mixed feelings about this show, having watched it when I was younger, but I think that it deserves a favorable review. I couldn't bear to take it down...
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rated it:
I watched this show a few times quite a while ago and it's nowhere near as good as the original Batman. The new villains were kind of lame, I...
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To me, this is an abomination. The only reason anyone would see this series is because it has the name "Batman" on it. Don't get me wrong, you may find...
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This show is essentially a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series set 40 years in the future. At first it takes a while to accept Terry as Batman, but...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Batman of the Future (UK)
Featuring the voices of:
Will Friedle ... Terry McGinnis / Batman
Kevin Conroy ... Bruce Wayne
Sherman Howard ... Derek Powers / Blight
Lauren Tom ... Dana Tan
Teri Garr ... Mrs. Mary McGinnis
Ryan O'Donohue ... Matt McGinnis
Stockard Channing ... Commissioner Barbara Gordon
Executive Producers: Jean MacCurdy
Musical Score by: Michael McCuistion
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