animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm © Warner Bros.
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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

When Gotham's mob leaders begin falling prey to a mysterious cloaked vigilante, the police point the finger at Batman saying that he has become dangerous and unpredictable. Hunted and on the run, Batman must find out this phantom vigilante's true identity and clear his name.

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I'm pretty divided on how I should go about reviewing this movie. Should I review it on the level of a theatrical release, in which case it doesn't hold up?...
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Batman: The Animated Series premiered in 1992. I still remember watching the first episode, On Leather Wings, which has Batman fighting the Man-Bat. The animation style and quality was unlike...
Created by: Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Kevin Conroy ... Bruce Wayne / Batman
Dana Delany ... Andrea 'Andi' Beaumont
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. ... Alfred Pennyworth
Bob Hastings ... Commissioner Jim Gordon
Mark Hamill ... The Joker
Hart Bochner ... City Councilman Arthur Reeves
Abe Vigoda ... Salvatore 'Sal the Wheezer' Valestra
Dick Miller ... Charles 'Chuckie' Sol
John P. Ryan ... 'Buzz' Bronski
Marilu Henner ... Veronica Vreeland
Directed by: Eric Radomski and Bruce W. Timm
Executive Producers: Tom Ruegger and Michael E. Uslan
Musical Score by: Shirley Walker
Based on: the comic and characters created by Bob Kane
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