animated series Astroboy(1963) © Mushi Productions
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After Dr. Boyton, head of the Ministry of Science, loses his son Astro in a road accident, the doctor decides to rebuild him as a robot; much to the chagrin of his fellow scientists. The doctor names the robot Astroboy, activates the robot and takes him home. They live a happy life until Tenma realizes that his son will never grow, unhappy with this and increasingly flustered with the damage Astroboy causes, Tenma finally disowns the robot and sells him to a robot circus. The little robot is forced to fight for the pleasure of the audience, or be turned into scrape metal. But after saving the people from a fire, Astroboy is recovered by the new head of the Ministry, Dr. Elefun, so he may help the whole of human and robot kind.

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Created by: Mushi Productions
Language: English subtitled / English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
Alternate Title: Tetsuwan Atomu (Japan)
Featuring the voices of:
Billy Lou Watt ... Astroboy/Astrogirl
Ray Owens ... Dr. Elefun
Gilbert Mack ... Mr. Pompus
Robert Fernandez ... Additional voices
Based on: Osamu Tezuka

animated series Astroboy(1963) © Mushi ProductionsThe American translation was cancelled after 104 episodes due to it being in black and white and dealing with "depressing" issues, but in Japan, it went on for a full 193 episodes.

Ironically though, episode 32 - 56 in the Japanese line-up - entitled Moon Monsters, was made in full color as an experiment of color production. This episode was also intended to introduce another character, named No. 7, a character from another of Tezuka’s mangas who was to be the focus of a new series, the planned series never left the idea stage, despite being made in color, the episode was only ever aired in black and white.


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