animated movie Ark © unknown
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The Ceveans and the Storrions have been locked in a brutal war for as long as anyone on the world of Alcyone can remember. Now however the planet is dying and both peoples need to leave before its destruction dooms them all. Led by their High Priestess, Amiel, the Ceveans build an ark--a great city atop a giant robot. Before they are able to flee however, the Storrions attack, enslaving many of the Ceveans and ejecting the rest out into the wastelands. The High Priestess vanishes and it is only later that the Storrions realize she is the only one who can pilot the Ark. The Storrions move into the city atop the Ark, but now it is little more than a prison and the threat of the planet's destruction remains ever-present. Now both peoples search for some sign of the high priestess and some hope that they'll get off Alcyone alive...

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I could go through my list of things I usually say when I give a film a low star-rating... poor animation quality, unsympathetic characters, weak dialogue, lousy story structure... all...
Created by: unknown
Language: English / Korean
Country of Origin: USA / South Korea
Featuring the voices of:
Chiara Zanni ... Amarinth
Kirby Morrow ... Rogan
James Woods ... Jallak
Trevor Devall ... Baramanda
Kathleen Barr ... Piriel
Tabitha St. Germain ... Empress Cathebel
Gerard Plunkett ... Minister Eserbus
Fiona Hogan ... Dr. Anders
Jason Simpson ... Higgins
Sandy Fox ... Jejune
Richard Newman ... Umada
Scott McNeil ... Quinn
Brian Dobson ... Burke
Tim Owens ... Kiskin
Lee Tockar ... Gomm
Directed by: Kenny Hwang
Produced by: Kwang Chul Jung
Executive Producers: Earl Jarred and Young Sung Kim
Musical Score by: Dennis C. Brown and David Lowmiller
Writing Credits: Jordan Itkowitz, Jae-young Kwak and David Weinstein
profile by: athena