animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force © Cartoon Network / Williams Street
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force

A floating order of french fries, a milkshake, and a slow-witted meatball become local superheroes and defend the world from intergalactic villains(when they feel like it).

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rated it:
Gentleman, BEHOLD! ATHF is a cartoon about a packet of fries, a meatball and a shake. This should tell you what your in for. A show where not a lot happens...
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rated it:
This show had potential, but the plots are too empty to me. The animation, of course, is crap. The dialogs are better, that's the fun part of this TV series,...
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rated it:
'Adult' TV cartoons have been around long enough now that we're over the novetly of them, and can start asking questions like "are they any good"? In the...
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rated it:
To say this show entirely depends on random whould be a bit of an inaccurate statement. It's true entertainment value comes from it's sense of comedic timing and laid back...
Created by: Cartoon Network, Williams Street
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Dave Willis ... Meatwad/Carl/Ignignokt
Carey Means ... Frylock
Dana Snyder ... Master Shake
C. Martin Croker ... Dr. Weird/Steve (2000-2003)
Schooly-D ... Narrator(uncredited) (2000-2003)
Featuring guest appearances by:
Nick Ingkatanuwat ... Tree/Store Clerk
Matt Maiellaro ... Err
Andy Merrill ... Oglethorpe
Mike Schatz ... Emory
Chris Ward ... MC Pee Pants
Series Created by: Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
Directed by: Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
Produced by: Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro, Jay Edwards and Vishal Roney
Executive Producers: Keith Crofford and Michael Lazzo
Theme Music by: Schooly-D
Writing Credits: Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro
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