animated movie Antz © Dreamworks / PDI
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Z is a little worker ant with big ideas who is miserable in the place that life has slotted him. That is until a chance meeting with the lovely Princess Bala, when Z decides he needs to make a few changes in his life so he can go after the girl of his dreams. Unbeknownst to either Z or Bala, General Mandible has a few ideas of his own for the ant colony and it may be up Z, the individual ant in a mass of conformity, to save them all. So, you know, "just your average 'boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy changes entire social order' story."

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rated it:
Antz is very interesting but it is not even a kids movie to begin with what with all the Woody Allen contributions and the profanity involved. But it has Jennifer...
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This was the beginning of the war between Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks/PDI; A Bug’s Life and this film were released in the same year. And do you know what? I actually...
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I saw this back when it came out in theaters, and I remember thinking it was a bit on the slow side. Although I did enjoy it, I didn't...
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I am not very fond of CGI movies. That said I'll proceed to express my dislike of this boring film. The animation is inferior to that of "A Bug's Life"...
Created by: Dreamworks, PDI
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Woody Allen ... Z-4195
Sharon Stone ... Princess Bala
Sylvester Stallone ... Weaver
Gene Hackman ... General Mandible
Danny Glover ... Barbados
Jennifer Lopez ... Azteca
Christopher Walken ... Colonel Cutter
Anne Bancroft ... Queen
Dan Aykroyd ... Chip
Jane Curtin ... Muffy
Grant Shaud ... Foreman
John Mahoney ... the drunk scout
Directed by: Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson
Produced by: Brad Lewis, Aron Warner and Patty Wooton
Musical Score by: Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell
Writing Credits: Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz
Art Directors: Kendal Cronkhite
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