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The Animaniacs - Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner - are cartoon characters who were created in the 1930's, but deemed too crazy and 'ahead of their time', and locked up in the Warner Brothers water tower for 60 years. They escaped in 1993, bringing with them Pinky and the Brain, The Goodfeathers (a pigeon send up of 'The Godfather') and a host of other franchises and occasional characters. Episodes would usually (but not always) include three short cartoons starring different sets of characters.

see also: Pinky and the Brain (TV Series) and Wakko's Wish
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Slappy Squirrel, her nephew and The Who at Woodstock is the most memorable and still the funniest skit I've ever laid eyes on. After all these years I still have...
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I really love animaniacs, its animation is wonderful and every clip I see on youtube makes me giggle even though I'm a little too old for cartoons now. It suprises...
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I Like That Series So Much I Missed It Forever And Ever. My Favorite Is Minerva Mink. She's Very Very Attractive And Beautiful. She Appears In Just Two Episodes And...
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Wow, out of any of the cartoons I grew up with, this one still takes over most of my mind, 90s cartoons were some of the best out there, and...
Created by: Amblin, Warner Bros.
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs
Featuring the voices of:
Rob Paulsen ... Yakko Warner, Pinky, Dr. Otto Scratchensniff
Jess Harnell ... Wakko Warner
Tress MacNeille ... Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Marita Hippo
Maurice LaMarche ... Brain, Squit Pigeon
John Mariano ... Bobby Pigeon
Chuck Vennera ... Pesto Pigeon
Frank Welker ... Ralph the Guard, Thaddeus Plotz, Buttons, Runt, Flavio, Hippo, Chicken Boo
Jeff Bennett ... Baloney
Tom Bodett ... Narrator
Julie Brown ... Minerva Mink (1993-1996)
Nancy Cartwright ... Mindy
Jim Cummings ... Narrator
Laura Mooney ... Katie Kaboom
Mary Gross ... Katie's Mom
Arte Johnson ... Newt
Bernadette Peters ... Rita
Nathan Ruegger ... Skippy Squirrel
Cody Ruegger ... Little Blue Bird
Paul Rugg ... Clown
Sherri Stoner ... Slappy Squirrel
Colin Wells ... Randy Beaman's Pal
Featuring guest appearances by:
Edward Asner ... Vern
Valri Bromfield ... Mary Hartless, Queenie
Dan Castellaneta ... Dracula
Christopher Guest ... Umlatt of Dunlikus
Michael McKean ... Spink
Ron Perlman ... Satan
Lisa Raggio ... Kitty Litter, Helga
John Rhys-Davies ... Tympannini
Luke Ruegger ... The Flame, The Brave Little Trailer
Peter Scolari ... Wilford B. Wolf, Driver
Directed by: Audu Paden, Michael Gerard, Barry Caldwell, Jon McClenahan, Rusty Mills, Charles Visser, Rich Arons, Peter Bonerz, Alfred Gimeno, Bruce Gowers, Bob Kline, Jenny Lerew, Greg Reyna and Lenord Robinson
Produced by: Tom Ruegger, Peter Hastings, Sherri Stoner, Rich Arons and Rusty Miller
Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg
Theme Music by: Tom Ruegger and Richard Stone
Songs by: Tom Ruegger, Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz

The next, and most successful phase of the Amblin/Warner collaboration that started with Tiny Toons Adventures.

According to Dallas Morning News, Fox-affiliate KDAF-TV channel 33 suffered a 3-day transmitter failure during November 1993. During this period, the Neilsen ratings survey found that 11,000 homes tuned in to the blank screen during the Animaniacs timeslot. This out-rated the rival KXTX-TV children's show by almost 2-1.

Though technically it aired for six years between Fox and WB, 61 of the 99 episodes come from the very first season - the only original season at Fox. When the new WB channel began screening new episodes in 1995 they began to show a decreasing enthusiasm with the show and ordered fewer and fewer episodes (which are also generally regarded as lesser quality). The problem may well have been because WB had expected a young kid's show, and found themselves with a show that had a disconcertingly large adult fanbase.

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