animated series Animalia © Animalia Productions / Photon VFX / Lloura Digital Pictures
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Zoe and Alex, two children, discover a magical library which transports them to the world of Animalia - a land populated by a large variety of anthropomorphic animals. Teaming up with, amongst others, a rather delusional but good hearted iguana, and a green gorilla, they help protect the complex society of Animalia from threats both internal and extra-dimensional. Events in Animalia are frequently adversely affectted by 'spores' which break off from a central 'core', causing everything from earthquakes to amnesia, to time-loops.

Created by: Animalia Productions, Photon VFX, Lloura Digital Pictures
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / Australia
Featuring the voices of:
Brooke Anderson ... Alex
Christopher Hobbs ... G'Bubu
R. Martin Cline ... Iggy
Katie Leigh ... Zoe
Peta Johnson ... Reenie
Series Created by: Tom Ruegger and Graeme Base
Directed by: David Scott
Produced by: Ewan Burnett and Murray Pope
Executive Producers: Tom Ruegger, Ewan Burnett, Murray Pope and Bruce D. Johnson
Musical Score by: Yuri Worontschak and Christopher Elves
Theme Music by: Yuri Worontschak
Based on: The 1986 picture hook by Graeme Base

Robin Williams is listed as a voice actor by Wikipedia, but without details of character(s) voiced.

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