animated cartoon A Swiss Trick © Van Beuren Corporation
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A Swiss Trick

Tom and Jerry somehow acquire a locomotive, which is happily steaming over hills and mountains until it runs out of gas. A saint Bernard shows up with a barrel of gasoline, but the train 'drinks' too much and takes off into the distance. Forced to hike, after a series of encounters, T and J enter a Swiss Inn. A characteristic Van Beuren musical number ensues. The cartoon ends when the T and J partake of the local delicies, with alarming results.

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There is at least one reason for watching this short. The scene with a man walking a piece of cheese - which is pretty surreal even by Tom and Jerry...
Created by: Van Beuren Corporation
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Vernon Stallings and John Foster

The fourth Tom and Jerry short. Available on public domain compilations. The one shown above contains 8 Tom and Jerry shorts, and 9 other Van Beurens.

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