holiday animation A Garfield Christmas Special © Film Roman / United Media Productions / Paws
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A Garfield Christmas Special

Jon, Odie and a reluctant Garfield are going to Jonís parents for the Christmas holidays. After a short road trip, Garfield endures Jonís family and the decorating the tree while finding a soul mate in Jonís cynical Grandma, who strokes his back on her rocking chair, drops him food from the table and shares her memories of her passed-on husband.

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Created by: Film Roman, United Media Productions, Paws
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Lorenzo Music ... Garfield
Thom Huge ... Jon Arbuckle
Gregg Berger ... Odie
Pat Carroll ... Grandma
Pat Harrington Jr. ... Dad
David L. Lander ... Doc Boy
Julie Payne ... Mom
Directed by: Phil Roman and George Singer
Produced by: Phil Roman
Musical Score by: Ed Bogas and Desirťe Goyette
Writing Credits: Jim Davis
Based on: The Comics by Jim Davis
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