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A Bug's Life

Flik, the ever-helpful but misfit ant, lives on Ant Island with his colony. He's an inquisitive sort who's always working on different inventions to try to make life better for his fellow ant. Our story begins in the latter part of the summer, as the ants of Ant Island are working hard to put together enough food to last them through the winter. In addition to their own supplies, the ants are also forced to set aside a food offering for an evil gang of grasshoppers who threaten to "squash" them if they don't. When the grasshopper's yearly offering is accidently destroyed by one of Flik's inventions, the grasshoppers are furious and demand payment in full before the last leaf falls on Ant Island's tree--or else. Flik feels that they shouldn't have to pay tribute to the grasshoppers year after year and he heads off to the "big city" to find some big bugs who'll help fight off the grasshoppers. Help comes from a strange corner but Flik has a daring plan to defeat the grasshoppers once and for all.

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rated it:
Out of all the Pixar films, A Bug's Life is considered one of the weaker ones. But many people, having watched the movie only once when it came out, watched...
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rated it:
Ah, so underrated. You know, I expected better reviews for a Pixar film - and an earlier one no less! This film is another Pixar classic. The animation was quite good, except...
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rated it:
In my opinion it's better than "Antz", but that doesn't make it great, it still has some problems. What I can highlight is the quality of the animation, which is...
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rated it:
I'm not much of a bug fan, but Disney can make me like anything. I enjoyed watching this movie. It was fun and funny! Yay!!! Just one thing that keeps poking...
Created by: Pixar
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Dave Foley ... Flik
Julia Louis-Dreyfus ... Princess Atta
Kevin Spacey ... Hopper
Richard Kind ... Molt
Phyllis Diller ... The Queen
Hayden Panettiere ... Dot
Edie McClurg ... Dr. Flora
John Ratzenberger ... P.T. Flea
Denis Leary ... Francis
David Hyde Pierce ... Slim
Joe Ranft ... Heimlich
Bonnie Hunt ... Rosie
Jonathan Harris ... Manny
Madeline Kahn ... Gypsy
Michael McShane ... Tuck, Roll
Brad Garrett ... Dim
Directed by: John Lasseter
Musical Score by: Randy Newman
Songs by: Randy Newman
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