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Since 1999, Keyframe and its users have been separating the best from the worst in animation. With 1716 profilies of animation currently in the database, you are bound to find your favourite (or not-so-favourite) animated film, TV series, direct-to-video release, short film, holiday special and more. Whether you're looking for that classic Disney film or some obscure bit of anime, we've got it—and if we don't, then we'll try to find it and add it!

But with all that animation out there, how can one possibly know what to watch? That's where our reviews come in--all 3813 of them. Some reviews are written by die-hard animation junkies and filled with tidbits and trivia. Others are the honest impression of the casual animation fan. Register an account, and they could even be written by you.

Walt Disney once said of Mickey: "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." Keyframe too was started by a mouse—our little mice mascots that you'll see around the site. We've come a long way from the tiny movie site with a handful of animation profiles and, as always, we've got big plans for the future.

If you'll forgive the pun... stay tooned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "keyframe"?

When an animator begins the animation process they will often start by drawing the most important frames in the sequence. For instance, if they were animating a person kicking a soccer ball, the animator would have a frame of the person standing, the person with their leg back preparing to kick, the foot contacting the soccer ball and then one with the ball flying through the air. These are the keyframes and the indicate the general direction of the movement being created. Later, the animator will go back through the sequence and draw all the frames inbetween the keyframes to create the finished smooth movement.

Keyframe wants YOU

I love reviewing, but I want to do more. How can I get involved?

Die-hard animation fan? Eager Keyframe reviewer?
Love the site and want to see it become even better?

Well, we may just have the job for you!

Keyframe has always been run by volunteers and we would never have been able to create such an extensive database of animation without the ongoing efforts of our volunteer editors. The real benefit to the site has been that each of these editors has brought their own slant on animation to the table. Whether it's starlac's interest in classic cartoons or Neil hunting for the best in web animation, everyone's got something to offer.

And all these editors began as regular users who simply wanted to contribute more to the site.

To learn more about becoming an editor, feel free to contact us.

Hey, why isn't "insert-film-name" in the index?

Two possible reasons for something not being in the index:

  1. I haven't gotten around to it yet. Keyframe's indexes are ever evolving entities with new films/series/etc. being added all the time.
  2. The film has not been added because of inappropriate content. Keyframe is a family-oriented site and as such I feel some responsibility to keep the content safe for all viewers. The site does profile animation with graphic violence, nudity, vulgar language, etc. but for anything "questionable" we prefer to have it pre-screened by an editor first so that we can write up the appropriate Viewer Warning for the profile.

So where's "Jurassic Park" in your film index? It has animation in it.

Yes, indeed most films these days feature everything from fully animated characters to animated environments however, to keep from going mad trying to profile even more films, we decided to draw a somewhat arbitrary line in the sand. Keyframe excludes films which uses animation for photo-realistic special effects that are meant to blend seamlessly into the live-action. However, films which combine live action and 'animation meant to appear like animation', such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Jan Svankmajer's Alice, can be found in the Part Live-Action section.

Hey, I'm a voice-actor! Why am I not in your database?!

To be found in our database an actor must fulfill one of two criteria:

  1. The actor must have provided a voice in more than one animated project. Note, that is more than one animated project already profiled in Keyframe and we only list voice actors credited with specific characters, not under the Additional Voices category.
  2. The actor must have had a recognizable live-action role. This is how actors like John Cusack (Dimitri in "Anastasia") and Kevin Spacey (Hopper in "A Bug's Life") get in the index. Plus, the definition of 'recognizable' is at our discretion.

I'm visiting your site on behalf of a company. Do you accept advertising?

By and large, no. I don't like pop-up ads or banners and neither do my users. Keyframe's revenue stream comes through affiliate arrangements only (ie. Amazon, eBay and and any product advertised on Keyframe ALWAYS has something to do with animation.

I like your pictures. May I steal them?

The images from the animated films/tv series/etc. belong to their respective studios and they are not mine to give or withhold. That said, if you do decide to take an image from this site, we would appreciate that you upload it to your own website or blog rather than direct-linking it from our server. Direct-linking is a draw on our bandwidth and makes the site more costly to run.

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